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    I have been RAT'D

    This person hacked both of my computers
    -Skype account
    - 10 emails
    - 2 YPP accounts
    -Paypal account
    -Bank account
    and the list goes on. I messaged Kandor on Saturday that I may have been RAT'D and I asked him what I should do. Next day at 3PM, I came home from hockey, logged on my paypal and this person has sent 30,15,22,49 dollars to random people, some I knew because I have bought PoE off them before, others I did not know. This person just fucked me over to the max. And Mr T told me that I must appeal myself so here I am, I am not the owner of Safetfirst.Ok on skype as it got hacked so do not add him nor talk to him, as it is the hacker. The hackers skype name is Pete, he is sending out a gunning bot, and asking people to test the beta off of it. I will add any type of proof to prove my innocence. For now, I just still need time to get all of my accounts and emails back.

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    I never scammed on this forum and never will, when I got banned, I even refunded Brandon even though I lost an acc and 3mill on it, and I never stated anything about refunds, I have been selling a lot of poe on this forum and have bought stats and PoE safely and everyone has trusted me, it's just this rat sent unauthorized transactions to people, obviously he wanted to buy poe and other gaming material as he used my paypal.

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    User has been unbanned.

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