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Thread: scarecrow only one who gives a say?

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    scarecrow only one who gives a say?

    Well first off to start this what gives you the authority to close it without any other staff member making judgement? Your not the supreme court kiddo you don't just veto something without anyone else giving a say or a stand. And no your not above anyone scarecrow you may think your all cool and buddy's with Face when if i offered $10,000 to unbann me and make me your staff spot most likely he would take it unless you were blood related. So stop making your own fantasy judgement's and let other people do the talking for once cause im pretty sure by saying this that me as for everyone else in the world is tired of your fast acting no detail do whatever you want and get away with it response. All of this is not put to mean any offence unless you take offence then i don't give two shart's in a burger king about your feeling's since we are not friends nor will we ever be friends

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    I refuse to give you my services. That is your ban.

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