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Thread: Appeal again!

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    Appeal again!

    Appealing again. I want to mostly blame it on my lack of sleep the night this all happened. Yes i did not get any sleep cause i was excited for my new HD PVR to come in the mail and didn't think i could go to sleep, so that caused me to go a little crazy with the post and back talking the staff team. I don't know why I did this because I do like the staff team and at least every single member of the staff team has helped me in the past, in fact that very day I was helped by 2 staff member's I believe it was Face and Toxic, If i am wrong please correct me. Now back to the point I should not have spoken out like that and as I went through ever thread I noticed I was not thinking at all, nor was I using any logic on my post and for that they should all be deleted cause if I do never get unbanned I would not like to be known as the douchebag that had to ruin people's day's and make their job's harder. I would also like to apologize to Sobo, Face, Scarecrow, and any more of the staff team and players I offended.

    I could go on and on how sorry I am for being so rude, but when you look at it nothing can be changed now or reveresed or unsaid and I deeply regret that. I also want to clarify that Pain has nothing to do with me being rude or anything he was an innocent bystander that got caught in the line of fire and Pain and I both acted out of emotion. We did not think it through at all and I am hoping Pain forgives me for me getting him banned, and I just really want all the staff members and players who I offended to please forgive me cause this is coming from the heart or whatever it comes from. I am doing this because I want us to become good friends and help each other out, So please Face forgive me for this that I have done and I see now why you banned me because I was acting immature and arrogant and saying very rude thing's. I would really appreciate another chance to make it right to you and the rest of the staff team and the rest of the community, thank you for reading this and have a wonderful day.

    Hugs and <3 from killakilla to all of you

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    Any staff member please feel welcome to post anything about this topic sorry for double posting but there isn't a edit button for banned member's, i would consider fixing that

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    There is no editing feature for a reason, it's to stop banned members editing their post in case they are caught lying.

    Denied Appeal

    (Unless Face wishes to override the decision as he was the person who banned you)

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