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    Banned for multiple accounts...

    I think you banned cybernator, wp and I for multiple accounts.

    Seeing as I haven't created more than 1 account, I find that pretty impossible.

    And if you're referring to IPs, it's a school IP and therefore it's the same, if you checked IP logs you may realise that our accounts have been accessed from more than 1 IP, I can guarantee you that mine will be the IP that this message was typed on (which will be the same as cybernator's and WPZi98's) and another dynamic IP that I use at home (I genuinely don't know why it's dynamic).

    Do I have proof? Yes. We're all founders of the Headline Network (headline gaming, headline design etc) normally on about the same time, and trust me I don't talk to myself on a forum, and we all have individual skype accounts that are normally on at the same time, and seeing as you can only access skype from 1 account at the same time, it would make being the same person impossible.

    Skypes are mehcookiezz, cybernatorbuypoe and wpzi98 (i think).

    I know some of you don't like competition, but to ban me for no reason is in my opinion cowardice and a tad unfair as I have not challenged you site at all (infact I did ask for a partnership...).

    I'm sure quite a few members are going to see this and expect a reply soon.


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    We hardly consider your site any sort of competition.

    Anyway, you're unbanned.

    and regular members can't even see this section...which means you won't be able to see this reply..

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    Yeah... I can vouch for the fact they all go to the one school. Keep an eye on him though, he can be a bit of a muppet!

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