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    Problems with purchase

    Hello fellows!

    Today at 00:02 i recieve my payment from my work.
    I have checked up at it, and they are inserted to my bank-account.
    Of some reason I still aint able to buy, any help?

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    Could you ellaborate more on this, are you getting an error? Does the page load? What are you trying to buy (VIP or bots)? The most obvious reason from what you provided is that you do not have the correct funds.

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    I've recieve a payment at around 250$, which should be quite enough to buy VIP.
    I reach into paypal to choose the CORRECT creditcard, which I've used to buy Poseidon last month.
    What it tells, is that theres an error with the purchase, and it cant proceed thats quite much it..

    Need any specific details?

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