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Thread: VIP Question

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    VIP Question

    Just have some questions about VIP. Is the list of bots in VIP currently up to date?

    Last time I used supply crate, I think cards on fire was in the VIP? But it's not in the list.
    Knock on wood is discontinued, but it's still on the list, do we get to use the new carp bot instead?

    If the list is not up to date, can someone please give me a list that is?
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    As far as I am aware, the current list is up to date as Face only recently got the new picture for VIP
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    List is:
    - Trident Bilge
    - Poseidon Bilge
    - Aeolus Rigger
    - Wood For Thought Carpentry
    - Overhaul TH
    - Cards On Fire Card Counter.
    - Inferno Blacksmithing

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