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Thread: VIP questions

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    VIP questions

    Hey i'm new here, and thinking of buying VIP i want to ask if it's wort h it, Surely you will say it is but i just mean; What bots are currently available? And is it updated / undetected? - because i see alot of posts from 2012 and i just get a little un-easy.

    Thankyou for your time

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    Currently we have manual versions out on:
    Knock on Wood 2.0 Carpentry bot
    Poseidon Bilge bot
    Cards on Fire
    Trident Token Bilge bot
    Overhaul TH bot
    and Aeolus Rigging bot.

    Those are undetected, and manual. Meaning it shows you what to do.

    As for Auto,
    Poseidon bilge bot has an auto mode which we put on about a month ago, we do not fully support the auto, however I do not think any ban reports have come through.

    All bots listed above you get in VIP

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    You also get to be a part of the awesome community and fund perm guns for Face. Oh, and you can join in on the VIP chat, we get at least 5 words/month.

    But yes, it is worth it for the quality of the bots.

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    Thank you for such quick responses! I will be purchasing soon, and would love to contribute to this community from what i've seen so far!

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