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Thread: Vip membership

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    Vip membership

    How come Dreaming in Sprinkles and Sugar and Spice isn't included in the VIP bots?

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    because they would reck the game if released to that many people

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    It's intentionally overpriced in order to keep it exclusive. That's why it's not included in VIP.-Said by Sticky
    Key word:exclusive, they're trying to keep it limited

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    I don't think Dreaming in Sprinkles would ruin the game because the free one got me to leg SF, but then Sugar and Spice would ruin rum prices.

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    I don't know how many VIPs we have, but say for instance 40. Thats 40 more people using DiS, that means 40 more active Leg-ish SFers (Not including the people who have bought DiS) it would just ruin SF. You'd end up using DiS vs DiS, then one of you would be complaining that DiS keeps losing.

    And in anycase, DiS was initially a bot that you can use in Cit runs ect, it's not intended for PvP. It works wonders in citadels with the current version!
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