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    Quick questions :)

    Hoy! I'm interested in purchasing some Premium bots and I had a quick question before I make the final decision.

    I understand all bots are handled through the supply-crate client (super cool idea, btw). Assuming I go forward with these purchases I plan to use the bots on virtual machines.

    Question one: How well do the bots run on virtual machines?
    Question two: How many instances of supply-crate may I run at the same time assuming they would be on virtual machines off the same host computer? (Or rather is this even permitted?)

    Figured I would ask and make sure I'm following the rules then to just do it an risk getting in trouble.

    Thank you!


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    I'm pretty sure you can run as many as you want. And the bots should run fine on a VM.

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    Bots run fine as long as you give them a decent amount of ram to use and a decent processor. And you can have as many open as you want as long as its in the same house.

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    Awesome! Thanks for the answers, guys!

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