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    Lightbulb Request: Update of Pre-VIP Bot Pack FAQ

    As mentioned by Swagmaster,

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    Thinking of getting VIP again (can't remember my other account so made this one, was like three or so years ago lol). Was wondering how the bots are? Are they still effective, and what are the ban rates like? I'd be botting safely, babysitting and using manual modes whenever available.

    Edit: Just realised this should be in the pre-sale forum. Completely forgot about that. Sorry! If a mod wants to move it, that's cool.
    Perhaps there could be an update to the Pre-VIP Bot Pack FAQ?

    Thinking about buying VIP, but unsure of contents and quality as post is almost over 2 years old.

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    bilge and rigs are awesome, dnav is too but expensive, gunning is crap and patching is meh. any more specific questions?

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    ^. I'd just buy the bilge/rigs... Doesn't seem like there's much dedication going to the VIP package anymore.. :/

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    in all honesty buying those 2 bots is good enough in my opinion , then again I was never VIP so can't really tell you.
    (when you buy the bilge/rigs I would recommend Poseidon for bilge(not trident) and Aethyr for rigs(not Aeolus).
    If you go on SMH and floats you could also get Overhaul TH.

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    Inferno, Poseidon, Cards on Fire, Argos, Trident, Overhaul, Aeolus, Wood for Thought, Aethyr (basically the majority of bots).
    Who do you think you are?

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    Thank you for the replies everyone ^^

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