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Thread: Lolz.

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    My story:

    Windows 8 was being an ass so I wanted to go all the way back to XP. I formatted my whole PC to XP. I asked for help in a thread and sticky replied. Thank you mate. My disk drive is also sucking balls. It doesn't work. So I took my laptop to the computer store so they can get me my Windows 7 back. They got it back for me and a few neat programs. This all happened in two days.

    I received a few PM's atm to help people untaint. People think of me as a "constant helper". I'm fine with that. I don't think they know the one click untaint button either.

    Great to be back after 24 hours!!

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    Tough ride, welcome back though.

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    Ewww I had Xp went ot win7.. go back to windows!

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