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    Talking My Cousin Ryanne

    Alright, so basically, this is a video I put together of my cousin singing using Vegas.

    I honestly dont know much about vegas and was curious what you guys thought about the video?
    I dont have many posts here yet, even though I joined a while ago, SO, I figured id take the initiative to introduce what I like to do.
    I like to photoshop and video edit. (Not too good ad editing vids yet).

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    practice makes perfect.

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    Turthfully? I've sung better when I'm drunk and I can't even sing sober.

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    She has a nice voice, just needs a lot of work.

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    Aha wow I wasn't actually expecting replies. I made the video for her because it was her birthday the week before.
    Not the best voice in the world, but its always nice to see a family member sining to their hearts content.

    Anyways, since im replying, does anyone know good scenes that would match a song/go with one her voice might match?
    I promised her if she got a certain amount of views id help her on another one, but this time not rushed... I put this together in literally less then 3 hours...
    Just kinda wanted to see how it went. I THINK I could do better.

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