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Thread: The Legend Comes To Life

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    The Legend Comes To Life

    What is a legend? A tale to describe the most brave and courageous heroes of all time? A story created for the mere pleasure of others? A myth to inform you of what is right and what is wrong? A legend – from Latin – simply means “things to be read”. And when there is a thing calling out to be read. It must be read. This legend is no different from any other legend in existence, it is a thing to be read.
    And you. Shall read it.

    The music cut into Face’s ears as he stood on front of his brother dancing around on the brand new carpet that had just been placed on the living room floor.
    “And I thought I was gay…”, Face sighed as he moved to turn the music down.
    Face had been dumped with his brother for the day as apparently he had never spent any “quality time” together with him. Face had now realised why. His parents? They were gone, out somewhere he supposed. ‘Oh Face you’ll be fine, your brother will leave you in peace’. Peace, yeah right, this music would make every brick in the house run for their lives. He slammed the CD player and it jolted to a stop.
    “Hey that’s not fair! You play your music all the time” his brother protested.
    “Yeah well my music’s good. Go on get out”
    He pointed at the stairs and his brother trudged up them at an annoyingly slow pace. That was the thing about Face, everything around him went so slow. He wanted to be free, ready to think, rapid-fire some random clever comments to an unsuspecting victim. Unfortunately that never happened, especially not when he was cramped up in a hell-hole. He slammed the CD player again and it came back to life, blurting out the horrific song. Face closed his eyes, why was he even here?

    “My lord, the enemy is approaching”
    Sobo sat looking out of his window over the vast fields springing the first sign of green life. On the horizon he could see a long line of ant-like figures making their way at a steady speed towards the castle.
    “How long?” Sobo demanded, a harsh tone sounding round his quarters.
    “Maximum of a day my lord”
    Notion, Sobo’s second-in-command, stood by his side staring out the large window. He had served King Soboce for almost twenty years now. They had met as teenagers and had barely ever parted since that time. Sobo had always insisted that he did not call him ‘my lord’ but Notion had taken a liking to it. He always allowed himself a smirk when he saw Sobo agitated at the title. Of course the king had many ways of annoying him as well, Notion had just tried his best not to show his agitation. He couldn’t always hide it, and he had come to realise that Sobo had pin-pointed these times and stored them for a later date when they may have been needed.
    “A day?” Sobo questioned cautiously, “Is our army readied?”
    Notion took a second to respond.
    “It is my lord, but against an army of that size, I do not believe we can win.” His authoritive voice broke down as he stated the fact.
    Sobo nodded slowly. He had known this day would come, he had been warned when he had first become king at the early age of seventeen. He closed his eyes and did not open them again for a number of minutes.
    “What do you suggest we do Notion?” Sobo queried.
    “There is… One option.” Notion hesitated.
    Sobo cocked his head slightly and turned to face him.
    “There is a way to win this war?” Sobo’s eyes widened.
    “It is risky, and may not work…”
    “Tell me.” Sobo interrupted.
    Notion swallowed as if he wished he could take his words back and store them in a prison somewhere they would never escape.
    “There is one thing that may help. It is kept in the dungeons of this very castle.”
    “Without my knowledge?”
    “I swore I wouldn’t tell…”
    “Swore to who?”
    “I’m sorry I cannot say.”
    The quick-fire conversation ended abruptly and the king eyed Notion carefully.
    “Show me.” He demanded as he rose from his seat, “Show me now the item that could save our entire kingdom”.

    Face bolted up, blinking furiously. Surely he had just imagined that. But it seemed so real, so exact. He could hear and smell everything that was happening so strongly, so accurately. Face stood up and walked over to the door, he needed some air.
    “I’m going out!” he called.
    “But mum said…” his brother began running down the stairs.
    “I know what mum said but I have a headache, I need some air. I won’t be far just in the garden ok?” Face tried to be calm, he needed to appear fine so his brother wouldn’t go rat him out to his whole family.
    “Whatever… Just don’t annoy me.”
    He ran back up stairs leaving Face with one raised eyebrow.
    “Look who’s talking” he muttered to himself and walked out the door.

    Notion lead the way. Torch in hand he swiped away cobwebs and lit the pitch black corridors with a luminous orange glow.
    “When was this part of the dungeon last accessed?” Sobo asked staring pointedly at the cobwebs covering the walls.
    “When the object was placed here” Notion replied simply.
    “Which was when?”
    “Perhaps a few centuries ago.”
    Sobo was more hurt than he wanted to say about Notion keeping this big secret object from him. But curiosity stopped him from the anger and hurt that was boiling up inside him.
    “Is it far?” Sobo pressed.
    “It’s right…” Notion slammed his elbow into a disintegrating wooden door which gave way into a large, dark room. “Here.”

    Face awoke with a severe pain in his arm. His brother was leaning over him calling his name.
    “Face, what happened? That’s it I’m calling mum” he concluded.
    This brought Face back to reality.
    “Wait! You can’t!” He cried.
    But it was too late, his brother had already disappeared through the front door. Face cursed, what had happened? It was the same people he had seen not two minutes before. Was his mind playing up? Maybe his brother was right, maybe he should go and rest. No. The last place he wanted to be was home when his parents arrived fuming about how he tried to leave the house. He needed to get out, as far away from that house as humanly possible.
    He stumbled to his feet and looked around, he’d head towards the park. Regaining his balance, he made his way stealthily towards the green fields of the park. He needed to clear his head. Images of the corridor appeared in his head and he began to run, he had to get away from his own mind.

    Sobo stood motionless gawping at the object.
    “What is it?” he whispered.
    “It’s a sword” Notion stated, “An ancient sword.”
    “That doesn’t look like a bloody sword to me!” Sobo retorted.
    “Weapons have changed my lord” Notion smiled.
    “What are you smiling at?” Sobo challenged.
    Notion’s smile dropped from his lips and an icy cold stare washed over his face as he looked at the item. This was no laughing matter, he understood that. This was fate, pure fate.

    Face ran. He shook his head frantically trying to get the images out of his head. He imagined it as a video and tried to press ‘stop’ but nothing happened. Face reached the fields and ran into the middle, they were empty. He tripped over a root in the ground which seemed to have appeared from nowhere and fell to his knees.

    Sobo clutched the short, stone sword like it was a demon. It was an ugly thing with a strange, zigzag shake engraved into its black hilt. It had a consistency of leather and a feel of rubber. It irritated Sobo’s hands wherever he touched it.
    “What does it do?” he demanded.
    “It summons” Notion answered.
    “Summons WHAT?” Sobo’s voice rose to a shout, this blade infuriated him, he could feel his vision slowly turning red.
    “The one who will save the kingdom”.

    Tears were rolling down Face’s cheeks. The action was so vivid, so precise it hurt everything. His entire body was in extreme pain and he couldn’t find any reason for it bar this weird, terrifying experience. He clambered to his feet but the ground seemed to be pulling him down, suffocating him in its earthy grip. Music began to play somewhere behind him, old-fashioned town folk music. Where was it coming from? Face struggled to look around but found no source of any sound, yet it was behind him, clear as he could see the sky. The music was becoming louder, surrounding him.

    “Like this?” Sobo was holding out the blade on front of himself pointing into the darkness.
    “Like that!” Notion’s eyes were wide, “Now chant those words, the ones I taught you”
    Sobo turned towards the sword and focused on it, tensing his arm and stated the words. A blue light exploded from the hilt of the sword blasting into the darkness and never seeming to end.
    “What’s happening?” Sobo cried over the massive explosion.
    “Don’t ask me!” Notion laughed an insane cackle.

    The music blasted in Face’s ears. He put one hand to each ear and put as much pressure on each as possible and put his head between his knees but the music was as clear as it was before hand. He shouted for help but no’one came. Tears streamed to the ground as he cried for help over and over.

    “I don’t like this at all!” Sobo screamed.
    “It’s our only chance my lord!” Notion replied, “Everything depends on this moment!”
    “What’s happening? Why are we moving?”
    The dungeon had changed shape, buildings were forming around them and there were external noises coming from somewhere.
    “This shouldn’t be…” Notion muttered.
    “I can’t stop it!” Sobo cried, “Where is this stupid thing taking us?”
    There was a massive crash and everything spread into a multitude of colours flying everywhere. Their vision was completely cut out and everything went white.

    The music faded and Face looked up and was confused. He was perfectly fine again, as if nothing had ever happened. Then he realised why he was confused. Old-fashioned town houses were surrounding him and markets were littering the streets. Horses were being lead up and down the street, some carrying basic supplies, some just being lead along. Face rose to his feet. Where was he? The bright lights he had seen in his head, what were they? Face blinked, then pinched himself. He was definitely in this town. Crowds bussled around him and the sounds of daily life were playing all around him. He looked down and realised his jeans and t-shirt had been replace by a more appropriate old style waistcoat and trousers.
    Face didn’t seem to be bothered by any of this, he was more relieved that he’d been able to escape that pain. He didn’t even like the place he’d left anyway. Face was a smart guy, he knew it was linked to the scene that had played in his head. All he needed to do was find the two people he had seen in his head. He knew they would be here, somewhere in town, he saw the buildings they did, they were the same. He found a question lingering in his head that he had thought only ten minutes earlier, ‘Why was he even here?’

    “YOU FOOL!” Sobo boomed alerting a few of the towns folk of his presence.
    Sobo’s clothes had also turned more suitable along with Notion’s and he was now standing in the middle of a straw-filled street with absolutely no food, money or shelter and an army marching towards his kingdom.
    “I am so sorry Sobo” Notion pleaded, “I had no idea of any side effects.”
    “What did we gain from this huh?” Sobo challenged, “What has this ‘great, almighty’ sword done for us?”
    Notion didn’t reply.
    “Speak to me!” Sobo demanded.
    Notion was looking past Sobo over the street where a bedraggled looking figure wearing very similar clothes to them was just picking himself off the street. He pointed at him.
    “He… Is what we have gained from this”.
    Sobo spun round and looked where Notion was pointing.
    “A… boy…?!” he exclaimed.
    “No… Not a boy.” Notion corrected, “A saviour”.

    End of Part 1
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    I am 12 and what is this I don't even accidentally the whole thing.

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    Where is the super hawt sex scene with me and you in?


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