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    Need Puzzle Pirates partner on Cerulean

    (Posting this here because I saw someone post a similar thread)
    edit: Yeah I have four posts..:/

    I have enough bots operational for sloop farming..After setting up all the bots I realized something....

    I can't Navigate or bnav for poopy.

    All this potential, easyarse PoE, and all I need is someone to navigate and bnav for me in a sloop.


    -Able to navigate decently enough.
    -not braindead at SF
    -Can bnav against average-hard brigands
    -(not required)able to bnav SMH on a sloop.

    What I'll handle:
    -buying the sloop(s)
    -stocking the ship(s)
    -rigging, carp, bilge,gunning

    If anyone is interested, post below or PM me.
    We can talk specifics later, but whatever PoE we earn will be split nicely between the two of us.

    ~~Wezurii, not an alcoholic..I swear.

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    Hit me up on Skype - TheKandor

    R.ita I.s P.erfect

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    Ill help anytime I'm on

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    I can vouch that Kandor can nav and bnav to a high standard.

    And he's not brain dead.

    Well... He's not brain dead at SFing...

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