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Thread: Resignation

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    So yeah, I'm going to attempt to keep it brief.

    I was told when I started that I wasn't going to be undermined, but I was last night. @Forrest, I'm fed up with the shit pretty much, I work my ass off with almost no help. I've had you-know-who on my ass since day one about everything I do when he isn't even involved in the forums.

    Just so the community is aware, the door is still open, you are always welcome to annoy me on Skype and ask for help, but I won't be actively working on the forums anymore.

    Forrest, if you wanna discuss this. Go for it.

    Just wanted to Thank the community for the fun and I really love you guys lots <3

    - Scare

    Edit 1: Pretty much there was multiple reasons leading up to this, but what happened last night was the final straw. No I won't give people the whole story so don't ask.
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    you are a very good mod and helped me a lot i will always remember you scarecrow thank you for always being there for me

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    Where is the dislike button when we need it? anyway i did love reading your posts

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    Voldemort's involved in the forums???
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    :/ you were a great mod. Very moral and vocal. Sad to see you go...
    Skype - wastedbro

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    You'll be missed. You were actually a pretty decent mod, I feel really bad for undermining you at the start but you have proved me wrong. Again. I'd like to see how long the site can go without you, Face deals with all the behind-the-scenes of the site whilst you were the front line of community support and kindness.


    R.ita I.s P.erfect

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    Shame to see you go ):
    If you have any business with me, feel free to add me on skype 'waterlesswell'

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    Please reconsider.
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    Hahahahahaha, please reconsider ^

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    Whether people will notice it straight away or not you were always a valuable part of the B-S team and your effort, customer support and general friendliness towards everyone on here will be missed. Whatever was the reason for your eventual resignation I hope you are able to sort through things and reconsider leaving as a mod. And if that doesn't happen, then it's a real shame. But either way it's definitely not the last time we'll see you around. A lasting impression has already been left.

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