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Thread: Trolling: Harassing other members (HUGE PROBLEM)

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    Trolling: Harassing other members (HUGE PROBLEM)

    Users will receive 1 infraction for the following:

    Spamming: Short posts that add little value to the thread.
    Accusing someone of scamming without proof: Text logs DO NOT count as proof.
    Begging: Asking for free items, accounts (etc) or asking for a rank.
    Infraction Complaints: Making a topic asking about one’s infraction, whining, asking for infraction removal, etc... anywhere except the Dispute Forum
    Trying to sell something that is free: Self-explanatory
    Flaming: Excessive cursing, insults, and/or derogatory comments towards another user. This includes flaming other sites such as
    Trolling: Harassing other members

    Clearly states that trolling is against the rules. Yet this site has the #1 rep for it in forums.. I have experienced a lot of it myself.. for absolutely nothing is the funny thing. This site is meant to support freedom of speech etc but it doesn't.

    To mods and admins etc. I'd say there is a huge bias for people who have been long term members or have large no of posts... They aren't exempt from the rules yet most break them.. Forums aren't moderated properly and issues are taked\n out on the new people.. its absolutely unethical and DISGUSTING!


    note: freedom of speech, ten bucks there will more more critisizm against me on this thread regardless... and again nothing is done.. Cheers

    edit* seems this has been a problem before

    Regarding members derailing and flaming other users
    You know who you are, you need to stop.

    I made bot supply so that we could have a friendly community based on free speech and being able to speak your mind.
    I hold true to that, but if you won't stop being rude to other members or not staying on topic on non spam board threads I'm going to start to hand out infractions.
    It's starting to get out of hand, people need to stop it before I do.

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    Your trash thread should have been closed before the 15th post. I don't know why no one closed it, seems stupid to me. Oh well, it's closed now and you can drop this immaturity and stupidity.

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    I actually just finished writing a thread about this. I understand your frustration, and by all means... Feel mine too. I'm the one who has to read it everyday and moderate it.

    There is no bias, thats what I was told the first day I was made a mod, I've even told people off (who should know better about flaming members) about this. I was planning after writing my thread found here : to go through and delete the comments and issue warnings, the first and last warnings for those people.

    I apologize to you on behalf of Bot-Supply for the distress the trolling that has occurred. I will be talking in private to the usual suspects and talking to Face about possibly harsher punishments for those people.
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    You kind of started it, though. Things like this are dealt on a case-by-case basis. The case was that everyone was fighting with you, and you were fighting back equally. Instead of punishing everyone, why not just end it with a warning?

    I mean, what did you expect with a title like "KoW sucks ass"? Pulse worked on it for months upon months. Took him nearly 2 years to get the the current version. Defending him and his work is reasonable, especially since you came off as disrespectful. Also, you were the one to start the whole "job and life comparison".

    Don't play activist when you are the worst offender of what you are trying stop.
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    yeah fully respect he did heaps of work into it. It is good but that was just the title in the contents i talk about inconsistency etc. then when someone posted that there is inconsistency with the puzzle too it made sence and tht should have been the end of it.. but then everyone attacks your job and makes out your some kid and tries hard enough to search facebook etc and then post that they have better lives well.... it's not on.. yeah im going to fight back when people are attacking for for nearly nothing... And that isnt the first time... I think i posted something when i first joined about something very basic like asking a question even and i got the same response from members... I have friends who have left and gone buy poe all have the same reasons... If your not on bot sup and you ask someone why they usually say the community is corrupt here.... It seems very out of proportion to me .

    edit* regaurding Ezenemy and " drop this immaturity and stupidity" i fail to see why when people are going to criticize my life when people have absolutely no idea who i am, what i do etc.
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    I don't believe this is the thread to start up the argument again, if you want to argue. Take it to Skype, I know all three of you have Skype, I'm even happy to sit in on the chat and make sure no one goes overboard.


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