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Thread: Dafuq Toxic?

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    Dafuq Toxic?

    [18:38:15] Ritchie Studiosİ: gaypic1
    [18:38:36] Ritchie Studiosİ: gaypic2
    [18:38:45] Zulzarax: *Edited out porn link, love Toxic*
    [18:38:53] Ritchie Studiosİ: gaypic3
    [18:39:10] Ritchie Studiosİ: gaypic4
    [18:39:33] Zulzarax: Yaoi
    [18:39:43] Ritchie Studiosİ: Yaoi
    [18:40:07] Ritchie Studiosİ: gaypic5

    This is what happens when you send toxic onto 4chan.
    I sent him to Yaoi for lulz, and he says that he studies this and knows all about it.

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    what i do for a living and what videos i do where i make kids cry

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