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    Didn't really want to start this but may as well

    So i wasn't really wanting to bring this up on Bot-Supply but considering C.J is advertising on Skype to me, I figure i would pop it up.

    Now without taking into account if its stable or any VB vulnerabilities have been created and provided everything works, You may have noticed the new trader system on

    Do you not think 12 percent is ridiculously high for a percentage for sales?

    If your stupid or if i think your stupid please follow this link: (Link)

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    (Would form response if understood any of the above words).

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    i'm going to guess it'll be lowered once no one uses it

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    Currently a total of 0 offers on the marketplace (excluding the test offers by dave and the dev).

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    I also agree that 12% is ridiculous! 0.5-3% is a reasonable percentage in my views.

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