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Thread: Hello, this is Puzzle Pirates. I am your host, fuck you.

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    Hello, this is Puzzle Pirates. I am your host, fuck you.

    Hey, so I quit PP a while back. But recently started playing again because I have had troubles getting a job and I need to pay for a plane ticket/rent so I can fly to Sweden to be with the love of my life, so I thought since poker is so easy and I have made over 20M+ on Puzzle Pirates doing it I could almost pay for everything just from playing poker. But I had some troubles getting enough PoE to start. So I Duty Naved for over 3 hours today raising this 200K. What you are about to see if my first two hands, no joke.

    My situation got so bad at one point I wrote a suicide note and planned to end my fucking life because I had no money and no where to live at that point, if you all saw that thread, anyways.

    Any awesome SFer dudes wanna help me win some money I'd greatly appreciate it :3

    For anyone who doesn't understand poker:

    The first picture I had pocket 2's, the flop came 8 10 2, meaning I had trips. My opponents hand had pocket 10's, giving him the higher three of a kind.

    Second Picture: I had 89 of Spades, the flop came 2 spades, and another followed on the river, at that point I went all in. My opponent had three spades as well, with an unbeatable flush hand - AK.

    Go fist your selves
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    Your hands weren't that good...
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    Fair enough, bottom set wasn't the best, but still. There was nothing wrong with the flush. Just the fact that I literally almost spent 4 hours making that money, and in the first two hands---FUUUUUUU

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    I only gamble 1/4th of the money I have, keeps my pockets lined if I do lose...

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    Top person is a Her** just sayin.

    Btw, Don't gamble what you can't afford to lose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post

    Btw, Don't gamble what you can't afford to lose.
    Good rule to live by. If you aren't willing to lose it, don't gamble it.

    For the record, we all have been on the winning side of these messed up odds. You yourself said you made 20M+.

    Why so surprised?

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    I like to play poker after a very long Smh thats when i get lucky and win.. and when your on a losin streak i would leave poker while u can x)

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    Here's how i play at the poker tables and these are my basic rules i have more) i normally pull at least 100k profit a day (and thats with bad luck)

    I call with the following hands and don't stray away from my set rules

    Face card and anything above a 9 Kicker
    Suited cards 9 or higher
    pockets above 9

    I dont call preflop bets with anything higher than:

    pocket J's or higher
    and i certainly dont call anything 20k or more preflop

    I never chase unless i know the person to be bluffing, (To which point if youve been on the table for an hour, you know what the persons play style is)

    The golden rule: I only play with my profit, if i start running into my cash stack its time to quit, earn 50k legitly by doing say 2 cit runs.Then hopping back on the table

    This way im never down.
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    If your stupid or if i think your stupid please follow this link: (Link)

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    Both flopping a set is just s shrug moment, its like AA v KK, neither is going to back down and both would do the same were the roles reversed.
    As for the flush hand, thats a prime example of why I fold mid and low suited connectors - preflop raise or not.

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    I am sure you have gotten really lucky before too. Everyone loses at some point.

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