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Thread: R.I.P EddsWorld

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    R.I.P EddsWorld

    Cancer is a horrible thing, but the way he treated it as if it was nothing is just the bravest act anyone could pull off.
    He got rid of the cancer, just not in the way we would have liked. Nevertheless, he's in his own lttle world.
    He's in Eddsworld

    That is a short clip of some of his work.

    R.I.P Eduard gould,

    a man who inspired a lot of people, made us laugh, and brought us happyness.

    i thank you for everything you’ve done for us, for everybody over the world, in good and bad times.

    we shouldn’t be sad that you’re gone, but we should be happy we have been able to had you.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Blacksmith View Post
    he's in his own lttle world.
    He's in Eddsworld
    Too soon :/

    I didn't realise that, that was him. He truely was funny, I remember watching some of his episodes a few years back.. RIP

    R.ita I.s P.erfect

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