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    Implicities Amazing, Super Spectacular Super Secure MiddleMan Service!

    ♪ Implicity MiddleMan Service! ♪

    Welcome to the Thread! I guess you've stumbled across it because either you're lurking, or you're looking for a good, trusted MM to help you with your puzzle pirate trade.

    Well look no further!

    Why You Should Pick Me?

    I am a VIP member, and I would prefer to keep it that way.
    I have done numerous services like this in the past, for various mmo's such as Aion, Runescape and WoW.
    I will strive to work with you and your trading buddy to provide you with a quick, safe, easy transfer of items or poe at a low cost!
    I am online a lot, and willing to assist you whenever.
    I strive for 100% secure trades with no risk of bans to you, or to myself. As we all walk away from that being kicked in the balls ಠ_ಠ

    Sounds Great! But Whats The Catch ▂
    Everything comes with a price, even this. So, here are my reasonable prices:
    Per 1 Mil = 2$
    Anything Lower then 650k = 1.50$
    Extremeeeeely Rare items = 3$
    Accounts = 5$

    I am also willing to take poe as payment, at 2$ = 75k poe.

    Anything else, we can discuss.

    Fricken Sweet! When Can You do it!?
    Wow!, Hold on there. Here are a few things you should know before you consider my services:
    I only accept Paypal, and I will only accept my payment as a Gift With a note of:
    "This is a payment for virtual goods which I have already received. I will not request a refund so scamming the seller."
    I'm a UK resident, and I am not willing to provide my I.D, Passport, Driving license, you name it, to prove I am who I say I am.

    Thats fine by me, But How Do We Do The Trade?
    Well, you need to add me on skype (given below), and then add me to a group chat with you and the seller.
    You explain whats going on and whats being traded, I will discuss with you how much it'll cost for me to middle man it, and then give you two options of how to transfer it.

    First option, you send the money for the purchase to me on paypal, and then the seller of the poe or items, gives you the poe or items.
    if all went well. I send the seller all the money you sent me, and thats it badabim badaboom, trade is done.
    You can choose to use teamviewer with this or not, its up to you.

    Second option, the seller gives me the items and poe on one of my numerous pirates, and then the buyer sends the seller the money.
    I give the items/poe to the buyer, and then the trade is done.
    (This method will require you to pay more money to me though, as it is a less secure method of transferring, as it is going through two pirates, instead of one.)

    How the money is sent to each other, with what service etc is totally down to you, but I will only be payed through paypal.

    Thats all you need to know. Here are my details:
    Gmail + Paypal:
    if you're worried if the person who is doing this service is actually me. My full skype name is Danny, Barry, United Kingdom.
    Also the profile picture is some really cute pastey white kid <3

    We're all doing this to make money or to get something we desperately desire.
    Don't be an ass and try scam me, the buyer/seller, it ain't gunna happen.
    Have some trust, and don't be an idiot, and your poe and monies will be safe.

    Thanks for reading, tell your pirate friends and foes about me!.

    -To be continued-

    [I'll be doing 1-3 trades for free, just to get a few vouches, nothing huge though, don't expect me to be trading anything higher then incy bits of poe ^^]
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