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    WoofurrBro's Middle Man Services. 3USD/1M.

    I have done trades worth over 8M myself and never went first. Not a single report of a problem.

    +8% (No need to double the tax.)
    35USD/1M. = 37,8USD/1M. (2,8USD/1M)
    30USD/1M = 32,4USD/1M. (2,4USD/1M)

    Both sides add me on Skype, tell me what and for how much you want to trade.
    Buyer sends me the cash on PayPal.
    I watch the trade over TeamViewer, if it fails I send the money back to the buyer (full amount minus tax) and if it succeeds I send it to the seller.

    -PayPal ONLY. Must send as a gift with note, "This is a payment for virtual goods which I have already received. I will not request a refund so scamming the seller."
    -One of you must have Teamviewer installed.

    Skype: WoofurrBro (Roberts Einfelds, Valmiera, Latvia)
    NOTE: Always recheck who you're talking to on skype, if you feel like you could be talking to an impostor send me a PM on Bot-Supply or ask me to send you a PM.

    NOTE ABOUT PAYPAL: Due to some kind of security mechanism they have it's sometimes impossible for me to send larger amounts, if this happens I will either send the money to you in bits or ask for an invoice.
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