Since we all know a number of prominent figures on the forum have been banned for all sorts of scams, including a select few staff members, I will be opening a part-time Middleman service on this site.

I would consider myself a trusted member (and most would agree) so there shouldn't be problems with trust. I do recommend that if you need urgent help with a trade, that you use another middleman as long as they are trusted.

So far, my service will be free, but I won't be working around the clock or everyday, because I have work and life to do. I will do Puzzle Pirates trades and any trade I see fit outside of games, but no games besides that.

If you want me to middleman for you, PM me so when I check this site, I will see that you need me and I will help when I can. Don't contact me direct from Skype because I barely ever check Skype, so I only will when I need to.

To quote a guide to avoid scams that I wrote a while back for the staff:
2. Use a Middle-Man.

Often abbreviated as 'MM', middle-men are a neutral party in the trade that ensure that both parties play fair by recieving the traded items/money from both parties, and swapping the items over to the opposite party.

- There is a section in the forums where you can find MM threads (Middleman Services).
- Once again, make sure the middleman you use is unbiased in the situation and can be trusted.
- If you request to use a middle-man, clearly state that you wish to use a middle-man and once you have found one who has agreed to do the deal, state their Skype and Bot-Supply name to allow the opposite party to confirm that this is the real user (a legitimate middle-man).
- If the user wishes to use a middle-man, ask them to post who they are going to use and then confirm this MM is who the opposite party says they are by means of PMing.