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    Middelman by NordiGFX <--- Scammer no Chance ;)

    Dear Members, I wanted to supply bot introduce myself just so you know who I am and why exactly you should take me as MM .

    My name is Nordi I am a German citizen so not American but I like so much I'm YPP gezocken to the English, and also in this forum .
    I've been playing maybe 1-3 months on the Emerald Ocean, but only because there are nice member in your ocean, not like the economy is going to Opal underlying.
    I'm also already punishable So say if I should somehow scamming you, can you show me successfully to the Authority.

    Why you should take me?

    I'm already punishable own a few English skills tenses are still a foreign country for me but as I have learned this language in addition to in just 3 years I master it quite well.
    I also movies every trade with Fraps or Hypercam depends on what I just got on hand.
    You should also be aware that any scammer banniert beautiful here in the forum I will be there I'll be there to present Beweiße scammer hate about everything.

    What your service costs?

    There are no costs or any hidden I also did not require% Number of your trade because I think something just poor but donations are always welcome.

    Okay, that's it from me until then. Bye :'D

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    Uh oh I got some competition! You're going down! :P naw good luck man

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    I do this for fun, I do not care if people use more

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