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Thread: What Is A Middleman?

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    What Is A Middleman?

    A person who plays an economic role intermediate between producer and retailer or consumer.
    A Middleman will recieve and hold the buyer's currency over PayPal (or alternative). The Middleman may or may not watch the trade over Team-viewer, though it is recommended that they do. When the Middleman has been informed by both sides of the party he will then pass the money onto the seller. If the Middleman does not get confirmation from both the buyer and seller he will return the currency to the buyer.

    This method may also be done vice-versa, depending on the Middleman you are using.

    • A Middleman will to their best attempts make sure your trade runs (or walks) as smoothly and quickly as possible.
    • A Middleman will have the right at any time to pull out of a trade if they feel uncomfortable.
    • A Middleman will not be expected to account for any PayPal tax during a trade.
    • A Middleman will keep in communication with both buyer and seller at all times.
    • A Middleman will only be a Moderator+ or a user who is trusted and has had several proven successive trades.
    • A Middleman will not be responsible for a trade going wrong if it involved the opposite side of the trade from what they were monitoring. (Eg. Trading method)
    • A Middleman will always put your safety first.

    For further secure protection, a Middleman at all times should make sure the buyer has placed a message specifically saying they are not being scammed and are willingly paying for the product and will under no circumstances charge back when sending the PayPal payment.

    If you are using a Middleman please remember to calculate and send the amount tax will cost for two trades of the money.
    Thank you,
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