What will I Middle Man?
~ Puzzle Pirates (POE, accounts, items, services)
~ Runescape (RSGP, accounts, items, services)
~ Virtual goods (Any virtual item you buy. Could be a website or a game card)
~ Miscellaneous (Contact me for any trades that may fall under this category)

Contact Info:
MSN: clay24g@aim.com
Skype: wastedbro
You an also just send me a PM right here on Bot-Supply

My Fee:

10% of the money being transferred. I may take POE or RSGP. It is up to you guys who pays me. I don't mind, as long as I'm payed.

Why trust me?
~ I'm an BS moderator
~ I have been in many trades and know what I'm doing

My method of MMing:

This varies. Most of the time, I will try and keep out of handling in game currency and items. Sometimes I may take the money from the buyer, and watch the screens of both parties to confirm the transaction in-game. In other cases I may take both items and give them to each party. One thing is for sure, though. You will be safe