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Thread: Orthodox's MM Services

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    Orthodox's MM Services

    At the request of many, I am also going to open up MM Services.

    It is NOT free. I charge 5% of total transactions. Minimum of $10. I am NOT open for MMing 24/7. Both the seller & buyer will agree to a set time with myself.

    I reserve the right to refuse/deny any MM Services.

    The entire trade process will be documented for safety & security. This will strictly not be shared with anyone unless disputes arise.

    If you'd like to engage in my services, add me on Discord FIRST before PMing me: orthodox#9580.

    Services I may MM:
    1) Poe for Cash (PayPal or BTC)
    2) Cash for Poe (PayPal or BTC)
    2) PP Accounts for Poe/Cash
    3) Poe/Cash for PP Accounts

    Both parties will be asked to comment with this exact template (Example)
    Type of Trade/Amount: $200 for 10M Poe
    What is your Discord with unique I.D: test#1234
    Other Trader's Discord with unique I.D: test#5678

    See my references below -

    Verified Selling Poe Thread:

    Vouch Thread:

    Edit: I want to stress that I do not 'like' MMing as it is low reward, high risk. I will most likely refuse most MMs unless it's for my close connections or top clients. I see it as a 'community service' that I perform whenever I feel like it and have time. Please don't feel butthurt if I reject your MM request, especially if I deem you as a huge risk.
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    Fell through
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    Quote Originally Posted by Extreme View Post
    Fell through
    Update: Seller got cold feet & the deal fell through.

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    Might be useful in the future, added u on discord

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