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    {Epic}[Free] JohnSnake's Middlemanning Services [Free]{Epic}

    Services provided:

    I provide Middle Manning Services for PuzzlePirates, Runescape, Paypal, AlertPay.


    This is a free service meant to protect both Buyers, and Sellers.

    Why Choose You?:

    Because I'm the only one on? I offer Services via; Skype, Aim, MsN, Yahoo Messenger. And, because I've been on both sides of a scam, and its just not a good thing from either direction!

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    You do big trades? I suggest you open this service when most of Bot-Supply know you.

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    He has had a good amount of trading experience. He was on BP for quite a while. He's just offering the service to protect people, it's the traders' decision to deem him worthy of being their middleman.

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    I don't care what size the trade is, you don't feel comfortable with trading 50K PoE, Hit me up. You wanna do a Mil, then I suggest finding someone with a secure method so you don't get banned( I don't really have any methods to trade PoE, so if you want to do a large amount, i suggest having a method in-hand.)

    If you want to use my service, I'm willing to do just about any-which method, its a free service, just to help the community.

    Uh... I feel LQ still o.0

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    I will be interested from either you, or wastedbro; whoever is online at that moment of trade. WB does cost 10% fees but that doesn't bother me, as if I'm selling 1m, that's only 100k for me, but hit me up with your MSN please.

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