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    Official Member of The Month Rules

    Rules here:

    • Each member can only vote for one person. Any members caught trying to cheat will be temporarily banned.
    • For the first stage of voting, each member must have a reason to nominate the person.
    • Members are not allowed to vote for themselves.
    • You are not allowed to vote for Staff Members (Administrators, Moderators, Bot Coders etc.)
    • Any spamming or Off Topic posts in the MOTM threads will be removed and the offender will be issued an infraction.

    How it works

    Nomination Round: For this round, you have to PM the user "Contestvotes" the name of the username you wish to nominate along with a reason.

    Voting Round: After the Nomination Round has finished, the three users with the most nominations will be put into a poll, then everyone will vote for who will win Bot-Supply's MOTM.

    The winner will receive an official Bot-Supply MOTM Title, along with a lifetime auth for a bot of their choice!
    Please note that the prize is not redeemable in cash, if the winner already has all the bots for lifetime, it will be carried over as $30 credit for the next bot to be released.
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