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    -My business has gone live-

    Hey guys a few weeks ago I posted about how I'm starting a phone case business. Well I took a few of those suggestions that you gave me and I added them to my site. I'd like for you guys to check it out yourself, and if you think we lack something please comment below. If you like something on the site please purchase it. This week I will be putting on a bot-supply exclusive coupon code that takes a few bucks off each case you purchase.

    For those of you who missed out on the original post, I own a custom printing company. We make and sell phone cases and mouse pads at a great price. I started this business because I love League of Legends and wanted to make only cases for that, but I more opportunities opened and I am now making many different designs. Right now you could find us in different small shops in the city I'm from -Portland, OR-
    We just recently put up the web store, and we are working on expanding daily.

    NOTE: We don't have Galaxy cases yet, but they are being shipped right now.

    The coupon code is botsupply this will be active for 1 week

    EDIT: I forgot the URL ;p

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    Whats the site called?

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    Like all new potential customers, I don't know who you are / what your site is, and I don't want to go through the effort of looking up your history.

    Always eliminate as many steps as possible for the customer to go from unaware of the product to having purchased the product.

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