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    Paypal issues and chargebacks

    So I'm not sure where to post this so I'll post this here.
    Due to the poop that hotmail has been I can't get into my email account. I contacted paypal to try to reset that email to another one so I could get my account. They said they will put transactions on hold until I call them and sort this out. You might see my transaction with your paypal is set on held and the money has been taken away, I want to clarify this is not a chargeback. If you dont get the money back by tuesday evening then hit me up on skype. Any mod can talk to me I will get in more details and verify some things over TV if you so wish.
    The customer support here where I live is only monday-friday

    Basically it's just so people dont report me randomly or think that they have gotten scammed. Okay, this should be fixed by tuesday.

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    Such scams, must report.
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