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    Face's Story VII

    So I don't really remember what the fuck happened in the last chapters so if anything happens to contradict the last ones
    just bear with me okay.

    Face sat on the bus looking at his cell phone. It was a Iphone 4s so he would try to show it off as much as he could.
    The bus stopped at the bus stop and then a large man entered the bus, showed his ticket and nodded to the driver.
    Obviously out of all the free seats on the bus this man sat next to Face.

    - Hey.. little boy. The man said in a really creepy as you would imagine it, a pedophile voice.

    - Hello, umm. Sir. Face struggled to answer.

    - It's a nice day isn't it. He said and looked through the window.

    This man most be a fucking retard it's raining. Face thought to himself.

    - Yes, I suppose it could be worse. Face responded after a pause.

    - Anyway bro. The man said and looked around the bus. There were only 2 people besides them and they were listening to music.

    - Bro, bro. I got some cheap weed man. You want to buy some? He whispered.

    - Eh, sorry but..

    The man interrupted him.

    - Trust me you won't regret it son.

    - Okay but a small amount please. Face responded, thinking he would just throw it or report it to the police.

    - Let's get off at this stop. It's risky to do on the bus. You see that camera over there? The man kind of looked
    in the direction of it but not exactly at it to not cause suspicion.

    - Sure, that is okay. Face said.

    At the next stop they got off and Face tried to keep his distance from the man incase he would try anything sketchy.
    They walked into a smaller part of the town and behind a small building. Looks like it used to be an old clothing store.
    The man took off his cape and hat.
    Face just realized that he was fucked if this man would try anything. The way behind him is blocked with a door with a
    lock on it and the other way was blocked by this hairy, tall and chubby Jesus-like creature.

    The man winked and got a huge grin on his face.
    Two really muscluar men came in and they put a small wooden fence to block off any visitors. Face was screwed.

    The two men put a bag on Face's head. Face struggled but he knew it was no hope.
    Face could hear whispers and then a lock opening and something slamming against the wall, or maybe it was the floor.
    It was hard to tell.

    - Come here. One of the men told Face as they lead him inside.
    Face didn't know exactly where to go but he walked in a straight line until the man turned him a different way.
    It felt like forever and Face was really scared and nervous. Would he every see his family again, and more importantly.
    Would he get to bang Ms Vile?

    Time will tell.

    Face was forced on to his knees. Then the bag went off and Face could still not see anything as he was used to the darkness
    inside the bag.

    Suddenly Face hears a click..

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    This sounds quite kinky. At first I thought they were gonna take his iphone, but now he's forced into a prostitution ring. Sorry Face.
    new life, who this

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