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    Hiring some C# help.

    Hey guys,

    I work for a small management company now (long way since I started playing this game at 12 years old) and need some help writing a script to automatically support the following:

    1. User fills out a Google form / Google sheet with the report they're looking for
    2. Script checks Google sheet, shuts down a program (the CRM), opens the program again, and then prints the report to PDF
    3. Script saves the PDF to shared dropbox
    4. Script updates Google sheet. (Optional: Google Sheet Apps Script sends email notifying the user that their report has been generated)

    I have already written a small proof of concept based on Notion75's C# tutorial from 2012 and was able to get approval from my manager to hire help for this.

    If anyone has some free time, ideally this weekend, please shoot me a PM with your skype and I'll send you more details. I'm not sure how long this should take, but it shouldn't be too bad.

    Let me know in the comments if you have any questions, or if you know how to reach out to Dan / TheRigger / other?

    P.S. Bonus points if you're from Ontario/Quebec, Canada

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    Isn’t there a google chrome extension for this? And there is also a windows 10 option at the top right hand to turn the webpage into a pdf version of thewebsite

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    Unfortunately, the CRM is legacy software, initially written in the early 90s and has no API

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