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Thread: Selling PoE

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    Selling PoE

    Yeah so this Seiryu kid is giving me hell right now, I told him to add note he says, it can still be refunded because he records every transaction to give him evidence for it, im not dealing with him because he simply cant be trusted and I recommend anyone who is gonna deal with him in the future should be cautious. if dealt with allot of people on here and the transactions are smooth, they know who they are, im not gonna pull up their usernames
    all im saying is be cautious of this Seiryu kid, I don't trust him one bit and neither am I going to sell to him either
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    well if you would like me to post screenshots of our convo i'm more than happy to at the end of the day i'm not new to the 'rwt' side of gaming and when you do end up selling for real world currencies theres a point of proving that you are infact a trusted seller and as i said in my post i'm more than happy to provide my vouches from sites such as : player auctions and sythe as well as discord when i asked you for your vouches you showed me 1 screenshot with blurred out names so i dont know what to trust ? so obvoiusly id be cautious considering i could possibly get scammed

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    *starts eating popcorn*

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    there is no popcorn involve hina :P i don't loose arguments that often and when someone claims something about me that is untrue i backfire at them with everything especially when what is states is infact false obviously an an online trader when you are asked to add the note: merchendise is already recieved, refund is punishable by law before you have received your 'merchandise' is a red flag as an online trader so to insure my safety i asked for clear proof that i won't get scammed hence why 'vouches' are a thing in the online trading community it shows how well trusted you are and when a person has 14 posts as well and they are saying they are a frequent seller you do that.

    i have under 10 posts hence why i did state in my thread that i'm happy to go first to trusted bot supply users but if you can't verify your own authenticity well then thats where the tracks stop. i am new to the bot supply scene but i'm not new to the online trading scene and hence why i have offered my vouches from other reputable sites mainly player auctions and sythe.

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