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Thread: Banned rwt:/

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    Banned rwt:/

    So I just got banned buying poe...can anyone help me appeal? Thanks xoxo

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    Thank you for your patience while we reviewed your case.

    I'm afraid that after careful consideration the ban will not be removed and will never be removed. We will not allow players involved in RMT selling back under any circumstances.

    This decision was not made lightly, but we unfortunately cannot justify unbanning your account. As a result of this decision, the appeal for this account is closed.

    You may view our Terms of Service at Puzzle Pirates: id="Grey_Havens.2C_LLCs_Terms_of_Service">Grey Havens, LLCs Terms of Service

    Fair winds,

    However, I just noticed yours was buying and she specified "selling." So maybe. You have to admit it though, you can't just lie and say you didn't do it. Tell them you realize it was wrong and it'll never happen again.

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