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Thread: Untainting Does not work anymore?

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    Untainting Does not work anymore?

    Anyone found this out aswell yet?

    I havnt been able to untaint any of my computers for a couple months now.

    The steps i have taken everytime:

    Step 1:
    Untaint using Supply-Crate - Click it like 5 times.

    Step 2:
    Search for Hash.dat on your computer and delete it and delete it in recycle bin too

    Step 3:
    Uninstall Puzzle Pirates

    Step 4:
    Change my Mac Adress, and Change my Hardware ID

    Step 5:
    Search for the following keywords on your computer
    YPP, Yohoho, Three Rings etc. Also search for your pirate name.
    If any files popup delete them unless you know they are unrelated to puzzle pirates

    Step 6:
    Open RUN and type regedit

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Javasoft > Prefs(Delete this folder)

    Look around for other Javasoft folders(Found in SOFTWARE folders) and delete prefs folders that
    you come across. Also any Three Rings Design folders you might find.
    Give it a look or two.

    Step 7:
    Unless you have a dynamic IP and/or you know how to change your IP the only other way I know
    of is to purchase a VPN. I use HideMyAss and I can recommend it.

    Step 8:
    Change your computer name

    Step 9:
    When downloading Puzzle Pirates I suggest you download a temporary browser just
    to download YPP

    I Also recently just moved to a new location with brand new IP

    Anyone know why the untaint process isnt working every time i have done this process i still get the message saying "This computer has been tainted blah blah"
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    should be working after the first step, have a skype i can add and help you wth this?

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    Fixed Thanks anyway.

    It does work after the first step but unfortunately i have been an idiot and never tried running supply crate as admin first... but never had to in the past so didnt see why i have to now...

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    I'm just replying here because these steps are comprehensive, so I can find this thread later in the future lol

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