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Thread: Question about ban evasion

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    Question about ban evasion

    Ok please be patient with me I'm rather slow.
    I've been playing pp about 11 years now. (I'm 23.) When I was like 12 I got banned for scamming. Don't ask me what happened I honestly don't remember but I was a stupid little punk and deserved it. Anyway I made a new account on a friend's computer I think, and have been using it ever since, never scammed anyone again. Fast forward 10 years and lots of computers and locations. I STILL get a message saying my computer is tainted and cannot be used to create new accounts. I THINK this is because I tried to logg into my old account out of curiosity. I don't remember if I did that on this computer or no. But my point is, everyone here is getting banned for ban evasion. Why have they not come after me? Granted I have spent upwards of $500 in game over the years. Does this matter? Just curious, I don't want to get banned of course haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cupidmoon View Post
    Granted I have spent upwards of $500 in game over the years.
    Weird. Should defo be banned.
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    your stories just like mines started when i was 12 (24 now) my main has never been bann yet I've spend over 500$ too ha

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    Man, I started when I was 8. I'm 20 now, and I've been banned twice.. Once in 2009, just returned int 2015, only to get banned again in 2016. LOL

    But you should definitely be banned if you're now tainted. At best if you changed IPs/MAC/Location/Router, you can say you found the information online and tried to login.

    Good luck, and stay safe.

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    As far as money is concerned: They do not care at all about how much cash you spend on the game. I have consistently been banned even though I have purchased thousands of dollars worth of doubloons throughout my 10 years of playing.

    If you have tried to log into a previously banned account, you should definitely go through the normal steps of untainting. BS untaint, MAC address change, IP change, delete hash.dat folder, and clean out your registry. Doing these steps will make that tainted message go away.

    Basically prepare for the worst, don't get too attached to the account because anything is possible when dealing with the Ocean Masters.
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