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Thread: IP Address change

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    IP Address change

    I am hoping someone here can shed some light on this for me.

    My ISP states that I have a dynamic IP Address. That being said, my IP Address has remained the same for over 10 months. I called them yesterday to ask them to change it and he claimed he did but it's the same. I shut the modem/router off for 5 hrs while I was out yesterday and it is still the same. Im at a loss. I do not want to use a VPN tbh. I used HMA paid for over a year and still ended up banned for evasion countless times. I just don't have a hell of alot of faith in VPNs anymore xD

    Anyone have an advice/suggestions? There are people that seem to stay off their radar for ages and then there's me. I didn't play at all for two yrs before coming back again. Wondering if maybe my time on it is just up and I need to move on but that is easier said than done

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    Say your router is acting up, and ask for a replacement. This will most likely force an IP address change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Papaoutai View Post
    Say your router is acting up, and ask for a replacement. This will most likely force an IP address change.
    Yeah I tried that but my ISP is a dick and doesnt just mail them, they make someone come install it and so they can charge you 60.00. Its the stupidest shit Ive ever seen smh

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    Dynamic doesn't mean it changes daily or weekly or anything, I had this exact issue a week ago. I spent hours on the phone and finally 1 of them said "Dynamic can change daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly. So it could be a yearly one. I know you said they don't mail them out, but what I did was I went in with my Modem/Router (Bring the power cable) and tell them "I'm having an IP conflict"
    If they question it just say you're getting DDoSd or something, and absolutely need the new IP. If they still say no tell them you can't believe how wretched their service is, you're paying for internet and expect it to work.
    A new router will 100% reset your IP, cause it grabs a brand new 1 on hooking it up.
    Hope this helps.

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    HMA is probably the most over used VPN provider ever haha. Other people probably used it and got banned on the same IPs
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    HMA have many IP's but most are banned and blacklisted, but you can try some other vpn like purevpn or pia, but then you also have to change MAC address im not sure how to do this..

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