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Thread: Rejoice in our saviour sobo

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    Rejoice in our saviour sobo

    The day is upon us. It has taken months of scrutinizing all of his posts, spending countless hours analyzing the terms of service. And finally we have managed to report enough offences to warrant a ban.

    It is on this day i ask all members of this site to come together and rejoice in the fact this site is cured. No longer are we undergoing treatment for the tumor trying to take over our system! No longer do we have to use google translate and translate from unintelligent to english to try and read the posts of this cancer.

    On this day, praise our saviour pikachu for handing in the last report necessary and for sobo to enter the dagger deep.
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    I have been on the receiving end of his condescending banter on skype a few times. He would always say I was violating TOS somehow. It's all about TOS. He was actually pretty cool with me last year. But I think he started to feel a sense of entitlement. Not sure why. Then he turned into a royal A-Hole. My 2 cents.
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