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Thread: Puzzle pirates

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    Puzzle pirates

    Whats you're opinions on puzzle pirates now,
    mine is,
    for the past several years, the amount of players, and advertisement has dropped, and its now the players who feel like they have to help the economy grow, due to the lazy ocean masters.

    Thanks for listening - kestro

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    Products have life cycles. When people say 'advertisement has dropped' it's nonsense. Where did you hear about Y!PP from? An ad? You probably found it on another gaming site (miniclip), or review site.

    Getting Y!PP reviewed is asking to get slaughtered. It's just outdated.

    Honestly, the best thing Y!PP could do is it launch on Kongregate or something. It'll be much easier than the YPP X release I think, but like most suggestions, what seems easy conceptually and what is easy programming-wise can easily be two very different things.

    Honestly I think people just need to accept that Y!PP will probably never return to its glory days, but it can still survive with the introduction of things like The Titan, or familiar death. The question is simply one of, what's the easiest way to accomplish these goals?

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