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Thread: About me Pronav and my issue with Scola

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    About me Pronav and my issue with Scola

    Hello Bot Suppliers, My name is Mo and I have been a bot supplier for maybe 2 years now. There are a few things you guys need to know about me and they are as follows:
    1. I have been trading PoE for maybe 1 or 2 years now and I have never scammed anyone. Maybe as you all probably know ( referring to Scola's thread) I may have commited some mistakes in the process which is quite normal as we are human beings we make mistakes. I offer my sincere apologies to everyone and anyone that has had to deal with my negligence in some matters.

    2. I have been a Bot-Supplier and always deemed to follow the primary rule of this site which is never scamming. As far as I know, no one ever complained me for scamming simply because this is against my principles. However, As Mehfailz is already aware, I was dealing with some kind of TD bots in the past and vowed not to do it anymore as Mehfailz told me it is bannable on this site because it tends to decrease the amount of customers this site gets. I also did this ignoring that I do not have the rights over this bot. I was ignorant firstly because, I bought this bought from somebody myself which is why I thought no copyrights issue was involved.

    My issue with Scola is:

    As you all probably know, Scola was banned from bot supply before and honestly I do not give a crap. While he was banned he added me on skype, and said he would do my SF stats. When he actually did it, my pirate name back then was Spongy, he actually changed my password and kept it for 2-4 days without me having access to my account. So basically it took him 2-4 days to actually get Ultimate Swordfight from Legendary. As soon as i got my account back it instantly got banned. And as the egocentric bastard himself would never actually do 1 trade without any issues created, he began to put everything on my back (It has been a constant thing).

    One more thing, Scola has tried numerous times and actually succeeded in turning some of my friends against me, some of which I never had an issue with and go a long time back. His manipulating skills are quite out of the ordinary I give him that but I believe it is just a cheap thing to do, to just go and try to get people who are used to me and who are the friends I made during the years of being a Pirate.

    To conclude, I wish to apologize to any Bot-Supply members or Staffs and also wish to say farewell as I am done with Scola's constant threat about getting me banned on bot-supply and tried by hook or by crook to actually get it done. All I wanted was to be part of this community and always valued my time here. Farewell
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    Can we please leave the drama for Twitter.

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