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    Poe Selling Method

    Hello all. I am curious as to which method seems to be the most safe? I realize there are risks to all methods. Just trying to figure out which one is considered the "best".

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    I would like to know also, seems a lot of poe related bans are going around.
    Apparently, in order to remain anonymous, you need a username that has no relativity to yourself whatsoever.
    That explains mine.

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    Anything that blends in with what people would regularly do.

    - Tournament wagers. Both players wager.
    - Poker. (risky) I have no idea, man. Best way to do poker would be going manic AoA and letting the other person win/lose all the time, not just going all in and folding.
    - Cade funding. (extra safe, if you don't post about it on the forums)

    Just exercise paranoia and act natural.

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