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    Angry The reason I don't use PayPal to trade.

    E-mail from PayPal:

    I suggest Bitcoin as an alternative.

    Useful background on the e-mail:
    I did a trade with someone who I don't know anymore. He sent me payments as gifts with the added note. Two weeks later the payments were reversed for Unauthorized Account Takeover. PayPal wasn't up to the task to notify me that some shit was up on the spot and they can't be relied on.

    This is more of a rant, so sorry if I posted this in the wrong place.

    Open for comments, opinions, whatever.

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    well sad to hear about what happened to you on paypal
    i have never had any issues so far on paypal
    but on the other hand i know bitcoin and other altcoins are the future i have been around the crypto world for 6 month now and i can say i have an income thanks to that (not my main income) but its always en extra 100-150 usd each month

    if anyone would be interested on getting into this world of crypto coins let me know via a PM i can give you some link and tips on how to start with no investment at all (but it takes more time) or investing little amounts

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    Bitcoins are too volatile for my taste. Once they stabilizes and the wallet get a better security, then I might use them. As for now I use Skrill and Neteller which both have the option to connect your account to their plastic cards. Great if you want to avoid taxes.

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