Hi, I'm really not good at coding at all. Best I made is some automatic chat posters for blockades and damage trackers for ypp etc.
But I play this other game that has been in steep decline for a couple of years now (mainly because I exploited it with fiddler2)
I want to make a copy of this game before the servers shut down. It has a mixture of php files and java script etc.

the Website is http://www.dogsoftheseas.com/home I'm looking for some instruction on how I would go about completely cloning the game.
Please be warned that you can no longer create accounts on the game so you're unable to actually see inside of the game but I will take a few quick screenshots regarding the ui etc.

It's a browser based mmorpg, and consists mainly of, it has a homebay where you sit and are safe from other players. You're not seen etc. because you're essentially in your home bay.
Your homebay is in a specific sector of a map, all up there's about 50 sectors and each specific sector is named something like 1/A down to like 19/K.
You sail a ship around with the awsd keys and click with the mouse also to move around. You also click on other players which targets them and pressing spacebar and a numerous amount of other keys gives you the ability to shoot.

I know this is very broad and asking for a lot from people, but I'm mainly looking at how can I fully copy most of the files this game essentially requires in order to create a replication of this game.
It will not be illegal because the game is officially closing down on January 15th and so no longer holds copyright after January 15th.
And as such I do not wish to be releasing the game to the general public and holding micro transactions to make money off, I only wish to play around a bit with the game to see if there is any kind of additions I could bring forward.

So my question is, is there a way I can record all of the workings of the server and all files needed to replicate the game.
People do it with habbo all the time is there a way I could do it for this game, I do understand this game is more complicated however.
All images etc. are open-sourced and available and I can save all these to my computer etc. so there is no problem with art, it's just everything else basically.

The homebay:

The sea, 1 sector of many:

The map with it's different sectors

Any input and suggestions are welcomed thanks.