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Thread: Programming fundamentals tutorial documents.

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    Programming fundamentals tutorial documents.

    One of the electives I chose for my degree is programming fundamentals, it's a java course. I'm not sure if anybody is going to find this useful but I'll upload the pages and code here for all to take advantage of as it's released.

    The software used in tutorials is BlueJ, you can find it here. BlueJ - Teaching Java - Learning Java

    Zip files come with the web page and the skeleton code (and next time i'm at uni i'll copy the marked code into the zips as well for reference), open the skeleton code in BlueJ and follow the tutorial.

    1 - Introduction

    2 - Calculations and IO

    3 - Classes Part 1
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    Looks really useful for someone just getting started in java. Really seems to stress object oriented programming early on (a good thing), not something most tutorials would focus on at the start.

    Good luck with your classes.

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    In case you speak or understand German (can also try google translate) this is the best you can get to learn Java:

    Galileo Computing :: Java ist auch eine Insel - index

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    Thanks for this, will give some feed back once i've gotten a little more into it

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    i dropped the subject haha I think i got to week 7? or something but I didn't save the files unfortuantely.

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