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    Help/How to read Screen/Interact

    Hello, I have taken a good enough programming courses now throughout college that I feel as if I am ready to create my first bot. I learned Java using the IDE NetBeans. I have been messing around using the Robot Class; but I need some help. I created a bot that would click on the bilge and move it up 30-50 pixels... (I do not want it to just move related to where it clicked previously) Rather I want it to recognize that it is a bildge station and know to go up wherever the play station is. I was wondering if someone could guide me/help me learn how to read the screen/YPP screen and then anaylze where the bilge station is and following that click play station.

    Summed up what I am asking for help on.
    -How to read the screen for a particular set of pixels.
    -How to tell the software to look for the bilge station to click on.


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    - Take a screenshot
    - Find the position of the station
    - Move mouse to position
    - Click mouse
    - .....

    Robot robot = new Robot();
    BufferedImage screen = robot.createScreenCapture(new Rectangle(ypp.x, ypp.y, width, height));
    Point p = findBitmap(station, screen);
    You just gotta make findBitmap() and moveMouse()

    TIP: BufferedImage object has a method called getRGB(x,y) in which you can loop through to see if particular coordinates match what you are after.

    There are examples from previous bots you can use, you just need to look around.

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