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    Welp Hello ther o3o

    o3o Ello. My name is jaime xD 16. I play PP when im on my breaks from not playing mc(minecraft) sicne i own DarkCraftia(Personal server) ;3 . I try to take my time from it sicne everyone would be nagging at me to fix something or rerank them if something goes wrong with our perms. I usualy play PP when im bored from minecraft. I usually Pilly tih Chum the Bucket(Twisted Parallax). Im not that good at puzzlign since i gave bad timing on some puzzzles like Bnav, Nav, Carp. I usualy bot blacksmith and bilge sicne those are the only ones i like to bot the most. I would do SMH/CI when there are soem availbe to do. Thats it for me here.
    My grammar and spelling suck. I try my best to fix it ;3

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