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    Hey it's trailthursday

    I joined here because I was told I could buy bots and Poe. I would like to buy Poe but do not know who is a scammer or not, so if you could help me don't want to lose money!

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    Welcome to black marketing. At here we have to trust eachother as best as possible. I know there are two very trusted sellers, look in the PuzzlePirates section for them!
    - I'd really recommend trading these, they are a little more expensive than anyone else, but they will with 100% guarantee give you what you paid for

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    To avoid scams, here are a few tips:

    1) Before trading with anyone ask for a PM on Bot-Supply to confirm their identity, there are many imposters/fakes around
    2) Use increments (E.g. buying 100k at a time) to reduce the risk of sending large amounts of money at once
    3) Use a trusted middleman service, you can find them here: Middleman Services

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