As I have just recently arisen from my little emo corner, a lot of you won't really know who I am, so where to start?

Firstly my name is Chris and I live in the ever beautiful and sunny Scotland!
I've spent most my years playing a large selection of games and always eager to try out anything new & shiny, and I love nothing better than to meet and get involved with a good community, or even get super addicted to collecting any form of achievements.

I have been around different area's of black-market from Gold Farming, Selling Accounts, Power leveling and all the other time consuming things

I stumbled across this site a long time ago, as I started to ask Face some retarded questions, and as time passed I silently, but admired the wonderful community and beauty of the products created here, and slowly through time I would indulge in the honor of being a slave here and there to help out anyway I could.

I personally am a Chatterbox, if you give me the chance I will at ease talk yer ears off about just anything that springs into my thought-box. I have a great sense of humor and it takes a considerable amount of effort to even touch a nerve. I am always a positive person and would gladly go above and beyond to help anyone, assuming you can show some respect and keep civil.

So if you ever need a hand, have any form of questions or even just are bored do not hesitate to shoot a message

Q <3