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    Cool Hello to All

    Hi everybody. the name's Digitaldion and I'm from the UK.

    I used to play pp back in the old days (around 2006) but only just got back into it recently when my gf got me a ipad for Christmas,
    even thought I don't really like apple products much (more of a pc/android person) it's about the only thing I use the ipad for lol.

    So I came across this forum by chance when I was looking to see if there was any "help" for pp since pp can be a bit of a repeat at points for getting skill.

    So in the future I hope to spend time on here and pp and will probably be getting some bots and maybe some poe to help me a bit,
    since I'm not quite as good as I used to be back in the day lol.

    Anyhow, for now I just wanted to say hello to all
    and for all to have a great day.
    Also Thanks for reading

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    Just a heads up, our bots don't work with the iPad

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    oh yeah they don't do they lol oh well I have a alienware laptop so that will beable to do botting fine but for the moment the ipad is easier and abit more fun to play with. plus if i don't play it on their my gf will think i don't like the present lol

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